Vanilla Bean Éclairs

1 Chocolate Eclairs | Champagne Frosting

I am a firm believer in conquering your fears. Unless it’s a fear of spiders or heights. Spiders are just creepy, let keep it that way. And you people that have no problem leaning over the edge of the balcony when you are on the 33rd floor, well you’re the crazy ones. I’m going to survive life just fine never stepping foot on the 99th floor of the Willis Tower skydeck to look straight down at the street of Chicago. You can see the city just as well from the street. The End.
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Chocolate Chip Cookies

1 Chocolate Chip Cookies | Champagne Frosting

Yes, you read the recipe correctly. Chocolate Chip Cookies, no ‘with’, ‘add’, or ‘in’ included. And no I’m not delirious and running a fever. Though maybe this spring time cold I have is starting to get to me. If you know me and put up with me in real life I have probably driven you crazy by not making that thing you loved a second time. I just can’t. I always feel the need to improve, to branch out, to experiment, and to challenge myself.
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Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes

1 Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes | Champagne Frosting

I had a roommate in college. She had long shiny red hair. Her parents had thick brogues. And every time we went out to celebrate a special occasion (in college Friday’s counted as such) a pint of Guinness would appear on the bar in front of us, with a small shot full of Bailey’s and Jameson beside it. We would clink our glasses in cheers, drop the shot glass into the pint, tilt our heads back and drink it down in one long sip. The gift from an Irish friend.
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