Blackberry Margarita’s

1 Blackberry Margarita | Champagne Frosting

You ever get pigeon holed to do a job after you did it successfully just once? I am so guilty of doing this to anyone who has helped me in the kitchen. If you did a good job with something once, you know I’m coming back to you with the same task again. It’s a compliment, it means I trust you. When my friend who squeezed 10 grapefruits for this ( amazing cocktail asked what she could help with in the kitchen, she should have know that pile of limes on the counter was just waiting for her.
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Whole Wheat Chia Seed Blueberry Pancakes

1 Blueberry Chia Pancakes | Champagne Frosting

Wait! Don’t leave! We’ll have cake next week.  I promise.  But right now we need a little health in our lives.  Get out your weighs, go for a run, and lets do some planks.  Or turn on the TV and come back next week and we’ll talk cake, but you’ll miss out on some killer pancakes.  Believe it or not for someone with a blog all about dessert (and drinks) I actually consume way more kale and quinoa than cupcakes in my diet, though cupcakes always have their place. But today the star of the show is this seasons new ‘superfood’ Chia.
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