Reese’s Peanut Butter Brownie Bites

So brownies are my favorite food, specifically my brownies. They are just so dang good that whenever I make them, if they last through the night, then they are the first thing I eat in the morning. This is saying a lot because usually I just make a bee line for the coffee. And then at some point after that I wake up and realize I should eat breakfast. That doesn’t happen if brownies are lying on the counter.
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Brownies, brownies, brownies

Dear Diary  ..wait no that isn’t going to work.  I think I’m still getting over the trauma of the last diary I had.  I was in third grade, and for my birthday I got this pretty pink princess covered diary.  I immediately began filling in the pages with all my deep dark secrets and dreams, it was deep stuff.  I never bothered to hide it too well, my desk draw seemed sufficient since it had a lock on it. And the key had it’s owe secret place.  Well my trust for that lock and for writing in a diary fell apart the day I came home to find my brother and his friend reading every word in that diary.  Though the real trauma was the weeks that followed where I was teased daily about the boy I had written “But I still love __ __.”  Yup I still remember the exact words! Thankfully the crush has passed! ..I think he is bald now? I’m glad we don’t have to pick a mate in the 3rd grade, that would be just plain scary! Continue reading