Blackberry Margarita’s

1 Blackberry Margarita | Champagne Frosting

You ever get pigeon holed to do a job after you did it successfully just once? I am so guilty of doing this to anyone who has helped me in the kitchen. If you did a good job with something once, you know I’m coming back to you with the same task again. It’s a compliment, it means I trust you. When my friend who squeezed 10 grapefruits for this ( amazing cocktail asked what she could help with in the kitchen, she should have know that pile of limes on the counter was just waiting for her.
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Strawberry Infused Rum Mojito

1 Strawberry Mojito | Champagne Frosting

While I have been seriously slacking in the baking department lately, I have not been slacking in the cocktail department. It’s summer y’all!! The official season of cocktails. And really nothing tastes more fantastic after a long day at the beach than a refreshingly sweet ice cold beverage. And if you’ve ever spent cocktail hour at my house you know that cold beverage is most often a Mojito.

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