Dark Chocolate Cake

6 Chocolate Cake | Champagne Frosting

You can admit it now. We all know your New Years diet and healthy eating regime has ended. It’s ok, you did well eating salads that first week of January. And I know you snuck some cookies that second week but it’s ok cause you ate vegetables those days. Now it’s almost February and you’re sick of the freezing cold weather and the snow that you are endless shoveling and what you really want is a nice big slice of chocolate cake to eat while you sit by a warm fire. Am I right?
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Kahlua Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

1 Kahlua Chocolate Cake | Champagne Frosting

When people find out I have a blog the first question they ask me is “What is your favorite thing that you have made?”  It is a harder questions than people realize.  First, because it is like a mother picking her favorite child, each recipe is a labor of love and holds a special place in my recipe heart, I can’t pick just one.  Second, I have been blogging for almost 18 months (wahh!! I know!!) so there are a plethera of mouth watering and delicious recipes to choose from.  Picking just one seems impossible.  Third, my favorite thing, these Mudslide cupcakes, are actually one of the ugliest things I have made so I am embarrassed to send people to my blog to see the photos.
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