Chocolate S’mores Pie

1 S'mores Pie | Champagne Frosting

Back to school. Ohh the dread! Ohh the homework! The mean teachers. The sports double sessions. The early mornings. The long days. It happens every year at the end of August. And then I realize I don’t have to go back to school! I throw myself a little dance party and crack a beer, because my summer can keep on going until that first snowfall. Well, maybe not that long, but a little bit longer at least.
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Lemon Mousse

1 Lemon Mousse | Champagne Frosting

I am that obnoxious person who just got back from vacation all tan, well rested, well read, and totally relaxed. Everyone in the office is running around worried about deadlines and I am just staring out the window smiling at the sun. I looked at a few people yesterday and had to stop and think real hard to remember their names. I think I left my head on the beach.
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Mini Cherry and Peach Pies

When I was little I hated pie.  Every year at Thanksgiving everyone would get all excited for pie and feeling like it was something I should like too I would take a slice.  I’d break off the perfect triangle at the end and put it in mouth with high expectations, but nope, it would taste just like it did last year, gelatinous soggy fruit and dry crust.  I just didn’t get it.
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