Caps off to.. the Class of 2012

I remember when I graduated from high school.. It was a gorgeous June week in New England. We held graduation rehearsals for 3 days leading up to up the big day, sit, stand, walk, turn, shake, all soo complicated for kids getting their high school diplomas, right? I grew up in THE picture perfect town and the graduation celebration was no exception.

Graduation was held on the sprawling lawn in front of the original beautiful brick school built in 1877. Growing up I had seen high school seniors graduate in this very spot year after year, each ceremony culminating in the seniors throwing their caps high in the air and sprinting down the aisle and then jumping over the surrounding stone wall and off school property to light up a celebratory cigar.. it was the ‘you’ve done it’ moment.

My older brother had bequeathed me a special stogy for this very occasion. (Ok fine, he spent $3 at the corner store at the last minute, but it still felt special to me.) Two hours before the ceremony was about to start as I slipped my white robe over my head I caught a glimpse out the window up at the sky and saw the ominous black clouds begin their slow roll towards town. And game over, graduation is inside, threat of rain is imminent.

The ceremony proceeded inside the auditorium crammed with people at a temperature of 95° and 100% humidity. Thunder could be heard cracking throughout every speech.

At the end when Steppenwolf’s ‘Magic Carpet Ride’ began to rear up, our hats hit the rafters the banged onto the stage as we attempted to run UP the auditorium ramp and SINGLE FILE out the door. Umm slightly anticlimactic?!

You will never find a picture of me in my graduation cap and gown standing next to my best friend with my stogy lit in my mouth because the rain was pouring down in sheets and people just ran for cars. However, all the thunder and rain and canceled plans could never squash the excitement of high school graduation on the wonder of the world that awaits you.

So to my super smart, hardworking, cousin Ben graduating this week.. Congratulations, you’ve done it! There is a grand, exciting world out there and I know you will make your mark in it! Ohh and enjoy college too, it’s some of the best years of your life!!


Graduation Cap Brownie Bites

Bridget’s Brownie Recipe
1 package Chocolate Covered Graham Cookies
½ -1 Cup Chocolate chips
M&M’s (pick out just your school colors from a large bag)
Licorice Pull Apart or Regular (use your school color)

Prepare the recipe for Bridget’s Brownies but instead of baking in a 9×13 pan, spray mini-muffin tins with cooking spray and fill 2/3 full. Bake for 18-23 minutes.
Remove brownies from tins when slightly cool and flip upside down. Push down slightly to make sure the top of each is flat, this is now your bottom. The ‘top’ is now the flat side that cooked on the bottom of the pan.
Sort through your M&M’s and fill a bowl with just the color you want to use (I used school colors).
Cut the licorice into 2 inch segments, then cut or pull each segment in half lengthwise.
In a heat proof glass bowl melt the chocolate chips, stopping to stir every 30 seconds.
Using the melted chocolate as your glue, spread a small amount (enough to cover) on the ‘top’ of your brownie. Place one chocolate covered graham on top. Press gently to secure. Spread a thin line of chocolate from the center of the cookie out to the long side. Place M&M in the center and the licorice the long way hanging off the side. Press gently to secure. Continue repeating this process until all brownies have turned into caps. Let cool for 2 or more hours to harden.

One thought on “Caps off to.. the Class of 2012

  1. How cute those graduation brownies are, and delicious, I am certain. I enjoyed your commentary on your HS graduation. Mine was sunny, on the school lawn, and uneventful; I doubt we were allowed to throw our caps up in the air! I do remember my college graduation with your mom. We had a downpour in the middle, but sun for the rest. And we had a streaker! Those were the crazy seventies…

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