Blackberry Margarita’s

1 Blackberry Margarita | Champagne Frosting

You ever get pigeon holed to do a job after you did it successfully just once? I am so guilty of doing this to anyone who has helped me in the kitchen. If you did a good job with something once, you know I’m coming back to you with the same task again. It’s a compliment, it means I trust you. When my friend who squeezed 10 grapefruits for this ( amazing cocktail asked what she could help with in the kitchen, she should have know that pile of limes on the counter was just waiting for her.

2 Blackberry Margarita | Champagne Frosting

Conversely, if you’ve ever helped me in the kitchen and not done a stellar job at your task, you better know that you are going to be relegated to stirring. I’m sorry mom, I trust you with my life, just not with the sugar. No one in the family is close to letting me forget that Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie that had NO SUGAR!!

2b Blackberry Margarita | Champagne Frosting

Anyway we are here to talk Margarita’s right? Ohh Tequila how I love you so. But there are only so many regular Margarita’s you can have before you need to switch things up. I knew last years Apple Cider Margarita ( was going to be impossible to beat, and I wasn’t quite ready to admit that we are in full on fall mode, so I went with Blackberries to ease us into the autumnal season.

3 Blackberry Margarita | Champagne Frosting

And yes, I need Margarita’s to ease me into the colder months and console me over the end of my beloved summer time. Don’t judge me.

4 Blackberry Margarita | Champagne Frosting

You really need these Margarita’s to console you too. I promise! Just find a friend to squeeze the limes. A friend who will squeeze a cup of lime juice for you is really a good friend to have.

5 Blackberry Margarita | Champagne Frosting

And if you still can’t decide if you want this drink in your life think about all the vitamins and nutrients the smoothie will provide for you. That basically makes this a healthy drink. Do it!

6 Blackberry Margarita | Champagne Frosting

Blackberry Margarita
1 Serving [A pitcher for a crowd]

2 ounces Agave Tequila [2 cup]
½ ounce Triple Sec [1 cup]
2 ounces Blueberry/Blackberry Smoothie (Blue Goodness from Bolthouse farms) [1 cup]
1 ounce Fresh squeezed lime juice [1 cup]
Fresh Blackberries for garnish
Lime Slices for garnish

In a shaker or large pitcher mix the Tequila, Triple Sec, Smoothie, and Lime Juice thoroughly. Fill each glass with ice and blackberries. Pour drink mixture over the ice. Garnish the glass with a wedge of lime. Enjoy!

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