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  1. This is so beautiful looking and also tasting for sure. Good luck moving forward. I will look forward to each treat on screen or in real life! Hugs and bravo for you.

  2. Bridget, What a pleasant treat to read over your blog. The colors and descriptions made my mouth water and my pride shine for you! Nice job. See you at Thanksgiving. Can’t wait to try the Cranberry Sauce. xoxo

  3. I have to admit with the craziness lately, I haven’t checked out your blog in about a month…UM, I missed out. I was scrolling through and I had to wipe the drool off my chin! Everything looks scrumptious and I keep thinking this has to be much more than a hobby for you!
    Everything is stunning!

  4. Bridge,
    Everything you present is gorgeous! The donuts were delicious!! Would love to try the Nutella cupcakes!!!
    See you soon,

  5. Hi Bridgett,

    We are all here hoping and wondering if all was well. We would like to request a sample of your ever so delicious half and half cookies. It has been over a year, and we all are concerned for your well being, and sweet treats. Take care!

    Bayview Family

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