About Me

Hi, My name is Bridget!  

I work, play, and live in the great city of Boston, MA.

I do not have a Boston accent, pretty sure <5% of Boston actually does.  As follows naturally, I am therefore a huge Boston sports fan.

By day I work in Finance, I know, I know, your eyes just glazed over with the mention of finance. In the spirit of honestly I should also tell you I went to Economics camp in high school, umm twice??  Shout out to the life long friends I made there! However, it inspired me to major in Business Economics in college and has provided me with a wonderful career.

BUT.. at night and on weekends I love to let loose, have fun and spend time B-A-K-I-N-G, my true passion!! Luckily, I have a large supportive family with lots of cousins who are always willing to taste and devour my baking creations.

My favorite beverage is CHAMPAGNE.. It is suitable for breakfast mixed with OJ, it is required at lunch on a special occasion, and at dinner it is best chilled with a fine assortment of cheeses.  Ohh and the most important meal of the day, dessert, I like to pair my champagne with cupcakes, or cake, or really anything with


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I heard about this site from your mom while visiting the Cape this fall. I finally got around to checking it out and I love it!

    I think I met you at an Avery wedding (or two?) Your mom and I took it upon ourselves to clean the left-over champagne off the tables in Chicago, so I know where you get your love of bubbley!

    Happy Thanksgiving (and to the rest of the family)!

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